5 Weird Places To Find Snapchat Usernames


Never underestimate the importance of a good username.

Your Snapchat username is everything. It’s the first impression you make when you send a snap or a message to someone new. Your username will be forever associated with your brand and your image, so it’s important that you get it right.

Thinking up a unique Snapchat username can be difficult, especially when there’s already 150 million users out there.

However, username ideas can crop up in the strangest of places. We’re surrounded by information every second of every day, and sometimes we feel a pang of brilliance when the perfect username comes to us.

So, if you’re looking for inspiration, here are 5 weird places to find great Snapchat usernames:

Music and song lyrics

Song lyrics have a unique artistic appeal about them, and it’s often the song titles or lyric combinations which don’t make logical sense which are the most memorable. Bohemian Rhapsody, Paradise City, Whole Lotta Rosie.

In a literal sense, these titles have no meaning, but we remember them because of their illogical, artistic appeal. Music is a great place to find inspiration, meaningful phrases and unique word combinations.

Other cultures

If you’re bored of the plain old English language, try incorporating words or phrases from other cultures into your username. For example, there’s an incredible amount of exotic, memorable words in Japanese and Indian cultures which translate really well to usernames. Okami (sky), kokoro (soul), komorebi (filtered sunlight), natkhat (mischievous), yayavar (traveler).

Video games

The never-ending world of video games are a great place to source unique usernames. Most games, particularly those in the fantasy and sci-fi genres, are chocked full of weird and wonderful creations, characters and locations. Not to mention that, given how popular video games are amongst the major Snapchat demographics, your name is sure to be recognized by a lot of people on there.

Additionally, if you’re an online gamer and you already have a username on there, use the same one for your Snapchat username so that your gamer friends will be able to find you.


No matter where you’re from in the world, your country of origin likely has an incredible history of rich lore and mythology. While it might sound quite nerdy, you’d be surprised how many people are familiar with the names of heroes, creatures and villains from centuries ago – even the more obscure ones. For a unique username, search the history books for some of the more memorable names from yesteryear.

Don’t neglect your brand

While it can be tempting to find a username which stands out from the crowd, the most important aspect of a Snapchat username is one which displays your brand, product or service.  If you really want some inspiration you can always see what porn stars on snapchat are doing with their usernames, as that’s really never boring. If you plan on using Snapchat for business purposes as well as for personal reasons, it is more important to showcase your professional side rather than your playful side.

Make sure your username incorporates words associated with your brand, such as artist, writer, designer and so forth, along with your real name or your brand name.

What Does Parallel Computing Mean?

3.) Memory Management and Caching

 Commodity component memories are comprised of main memory and one or maybe more levels of memory caches. These very caches are supplied in order to help lower the time delay of chunks of data being transferred over from memory to the CPU. As the data transfers itself over from the main memory to a CPU, the access speed- or the time between the demand for retrieval and the loading of the data rises, but the capacity for holding the data decreases because each cache closer to the CPU is smaller than the previous cache. Programmers are urged to expand the utilization of data in the Level 1 cache, which is closest to the CPU, where it can be handled in the most efficient manner. The second, and most of the time third cache levels and the main memory hold more and more data as time goes on, however with more and more delay before it can be finally be treated. Successful handling of data that streams through memory caches into and out of the CPU is able to create a strong development in code performance. Because of this, programmers who want to optimize their code have to dedicate some serious time and effort into the process of transferring the data flow through the caches to the CPUs and back.

 2.) Threads and Message Passing

There happen to be two different options when it comes to achieving a state of parallelism in the act of computing. One way is to utilize various CPUs on a node to complete certain aspects of a process. For instance, you have the option to divide a loop into four loops a fraction of the original size and run them on separate CPUs all at the same time. This particular action is known as threading. Every CPU has its own thread. The other option is to divide a computation into several different processes. This makes each of the processes all simultaneously reliant on the same piece of data. This linkage calls upon processes to pass messages onto one another over any sort of reliable medium of communication. When processes on different nodes trade data with one another, it is formally known as message passing.

1.) Parallel Programming Paradigms

Parallel programming paradigms include two necessities. One is the successful utilization of CPUs in one process. The other is the contact between the nodes in order to take on associated parallel processes that are streaming on different nodes and trading mutually reliable data. A parallel program is normally comprised of a selection of processes that trade data with each other by communicating through mutual memory over a fabric of network interconnection. Parallel programs that enforce several different CPUs to communicate with one another through mutual memory utilize the OpenMP interface most of the time. The independent programs streaming on multiple CPUs within one node are often known as threads, as mentioned before. Programs that happen to utilize attentively coded hybrid processes have the potential to contain an extremely high performance with very high efficiency. These hybrid operations utilize both OpenMP and MPI.

Watch the clip below to learn more about parallel computing!